Spiritual Life

Kalinga Keshari Rath – Leading Real Estate Entrepreneur of Odisha

Kalinga Keshari Rath Spiritual Nature towards Jay Guru, His Management Skills gives the mental fortitude to his group for making it occurred.

Everything in the world tries to divert his mind and sever his bond of love. But this makes him all the more conscious of the fact that he is distinct from others.

A person’s spontaneous love urge or attachments for someone unifies him with the name. The more one goes on repeating the holy name; stronger and steadier his urge becomes. As a result not only do the brain and nerves grow more and more sensitive but so do all the cells of the human organism as well.

The cup has to be big enough to hold the huge amount of water being poured into it! In all the above cases, the dynamics of meditation is extremely important. Not just the sitting mediation, but mediation in broader sense which requires being immersed in HIM 24 hours.

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